3o Encontro Internacional de Kizomba

Depois do sucesso dos eventos de 2013 e 2015, chega a nova edição de festival que vai marcar pela diferença, pela inovação e pela qualidade.

Workshops diários de kizomba

Workshops diários no Hotel Belorizonte com Zé Rui , Zé Barbosa , Isaac Barbosa , Avelino Chantre e Tony Pirata

Zé Rui
Zé Rui
Zé Barbosa
Zé Barbosa
Isaac Barbosa
Isaac Barbosa
Avelino Chantre
Avelino Chantre
Tony Pirata
Tony Pirata

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  • Maria Suarez  Romero
    Maria Suarez Romero

    Sabor a Cabo Verde!! Extraordinários momentos vividos!! Los guardo en mi corazon!!

  • Maria Ceu Valente
    Maria Ceu Valente

    Sal Island is not only beach. It is Cabo Verde. It's simple people of great humility and affection that welcomed us with open arms, despite the scarcity of resources. It´s people who sing and dance while working and when they rest. It´s the opportunity to greet Mr. Apolinario while he carries our bags. Talking with Aunt Rose while she is sewing and struggling for a better life for women. It´s meeting Mr. Magno daily at Salinas Restaurant with our football club greetings (Spor...ting!!!!). It´s the opportunity to hear a 23 years dancer, with a six months daughter, confessing that our group seemed to be ill. We never stopped dancing ( dance fever - febri di funana ? )... This was the best passage we could have had by Cabo Verde. Zé Barbosa took us with him. We could have had a more tourist and plastic visit. Fortunatelly it was intense and comforting. Blessed disease! Thanks for the contagion Zé. Go on infecting the world with your endless energy. A hug greater than the world.

  • Haraoula Rabaouni
    Haraoula Rabaouni

    It was a great experience! First time for us in Africa and we were happy to participate, dance and pass time with so many lovely people. Cape Verde is a heaven on Earth

  • Belen Casado
    Belen Casado

    Gracias Carol por compartirlo, que momentos mas bonitos!!!!!!, Cris, yo también quiero estar ahí, bueno ya queda menos para el año que viene

  • Javier Urrutia
    Javier Urrutia

    Aqui teneis un recuerdo de Cabo Verde... here you are a memory from Cabo Verde

  • Cristina Lorente
    Cristina Lorente

    Me encanta...me kiero meter en la foto...me la prestas??

  • Aiste Venckevičiūtė
    Aiste Venckevičiūtė

    I miss you so much guys!!! (it's good you don't see me crying...)